MAFMAD is not acepting entries
But A Split Second decision could be the start of a successful film career for an upcoming filmmaker as the Transport Accident Commission launches its short-film competition.

The TAC has partnered with the Melbourne International Film Festival for the Split Second Film Competition.

The competition challenges Victorians between 18 and 25 to enter a short film idea that features a message about avoiding distractions while driving and is a reminder for filmgoers to turn off their phones. Judged by a panel of film and advertising industry professionals, the winning concept will receive a $5000 prize and will work with a professional production company to bring their film to life using a $50,000 budget.


What is the exact age cut-off for the competition?
To enter, you need to be aged 25 years or under, as of the competition closing date; Thursday 30 May 2013.

Can I enter more than one idea?
Yes, multiple entries are welcome and you can enter as many times as you wish. Each entry will be judged individually. However if you have a couple of good ideas sometimes it's better to spend the time developing just one of those ideas properly. You do need to complete and submit a separate entry form for each idea.

I'm working on ideas with a group of mates. Can we put more than one name on the entry form?
No, only one name is allowed on an entry form. The person who develops the idea should be listed as the entrant. Remember that this competition can only be won by individuals. Winners can be supported by their teams, but teams won't be officially recognised. See terms and conditions (condition 2.6).

Any suggestions for developing a winning idea?
Ensure your idea answers the brief! Sounds simple but many entrants can get carried away about making a general road safety communication for the TAC that they completely forget about the specifics of the competition brief. Keep your idea fresh. Remember you are creating a concept for a short film, not a TV commercial and definitely not a 'traditional TAC road safety ad'! The judges will be looking for highly creative ways to influence young people who drive or are passengers in their mates' cars.

What if my idea wins, but I don't have much experience making films?
You will be supported along the way. The TAC will introduce you to mentors who will work with you throughout the pre-production period, help you get organised for the shoot and then provide guidance and advice through post-production. Keep in mind that film making is an intense experience and you should be prepared for the workload, particularly from August – October.

Where can I find statistics on young drivers?
Visit where you can find out loads on information. Specifically you can check out the young driver statistics

You can also find some interesting articles online such as this story of a grieving father:

Your checklist:
Run through your checklist before submitting your entry:

  • Does your film idea answer the brief?
  • Is your idea unique?
  • Will it speak to the target market (young Victorians 25 and under)
  • Is it memorable? Will it resonate with the target audience?
  • Is it too similar to another production?
  • Does it resemble a TAC commercial? If so, back to the drawing board.
  • Will your idea make viewers think? Is it engaging and entertaining or predictable and forgettable?

If you have any further questions about the MAFMAD competition email

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